Innovative Mouth Rinse

Rinsenergy™ is a science-driven oral rinse designed to freshen breath, cool the mouth, enhance alertness and also maintain endurance in less than 4 minutes. Rinsenergy™ is for those who are on the go and want to banish bad breath!

Innovative Mouth Rinse

Our innovative product is designed for those who want fresh breath, but also want to feel more alert. Rinsing your mouth with Rinsenergy™ leads to absorption through the buccal mucosa, which are the membranes that form the lining of the cheeks and lips. The pocket-sized bottle is convenient and makes it easy to carry and use whenever needed. You may want to use Rinsenergy™ after a flight, after a meal, before an important meeting, or in the morning to start off your day with fresh breath.


Rinsenergy™ is a new and scientifically proven way to get fresh breath fast! Not only does Rinsenergy™ offer fresh breath benefits, it also helps enhance your alertness, so you stay focused and sharp!

Benefits of RINSENERGY™

Freshens Breath

Rinsenergy™ mouth rinse helps banish bad breath with the help of a mixture of peppermint and spearmint oils which helps alleviate most foul odors in the oral cavity. Use Swish4 mouth rinse after a flight, or a meal to get rid of bad breath fast!

Cools Mouth

Rinsenergy™ contains menthol which triggers the “cold-sensitive” receptors within your mouth. This reaction produces an all so familiar minty cooling effect, leaving your breath minty fresh!

Enhances Alertness

If you’re having a difficult time studying for an exam or preparing for a big meeting, Rinsenergy™ can help enhance your alertness. With absorption through the membranes of your mouth, it allows you to regain your focus. It enhances focus on both simple and complex attention tasks with the low dose caffeine and increases alertness with menthol.

Maintains Endurance

Rinsenergy™ mouth rinse helps you maintain endurance and delays mental fatigue. Vitamin inclusion helps maintain endurance when tired or stressed.

RINSENERGY™ Use Directions



Break the seal and pour directly into your mouth. Swish4™ quickly cools and tingles in your mouth, ensuring you that it’s getting to work right away.



Swish the liquid around your mouth for 30 seconds to get the full effect of our product, then rinse.



After about 4 minutes you will start to feel more alert and aware, while also having fresh, cool breath. Continue your day without feeling tired or sluggish!